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Important Contact Information
Description Phone Number Website
Emergencies 911  
Police Non-emergency Dispatch 385-5000  
includes: Obstructed Driveway    
includes: Abandoned Vehicles    
includes: Noise Complaints    
includes: Neighborhood Juvenile Complaints    
Association Playground, Grounds Repair and Maintenance 474-1867  
Virginia Beach City Offices Information 385-4111  
Virginia Beach Public Information 385-3111 website link
Code Enforcement 385-4421 website link
includes: Unkept Residence/Overgrown Grass    
Real Estate Right of Way (i.e. basketball hoops in the roadway) 385-4161  
Zoning Administration 385-8074 website link
Permits and Inspections 385-4211 website link
Waste Management (Bulk Pickup) 385-4650 online pickup request form
Animal Control 385-4444 website link
Police (4th Precinct) 385-2800  
Storm Water Management (storm drains) 385-1470 website link
Mosquito Control 385-1470 website link
Street Lights Out (Virginia Beach) 385-4131 website link
Street Lights Out (Dominion VA Power) 1-888-667-3000  
Street and Sidewalk Maintenance 385-1470  
Traffic Engineering 385-4131 website link
Public Works/Utilities - water/sewer 385-1400 website link
Social Services 437-3200 website link
Health Department 518-2700  
Dominion Virginia Power (outage) 1-866-366-4357 online outage information and reporting
Miss Utility (underground utility marking) 426-3333 or 811 online homeowner information
Virginia Natural Gas 1-866-229-3578 Va Natural Gas website
American Red Cross (local Virgina Beach) 486-1908  
U.S. Post Office 1-800-275-8777 website link